Structural Wear Products offers the game-changing Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate (CCO Plate), designed to combat wear, abrasion, and impact in diverse industrial applications. By fusing a layer of chromium carbide alloy to a robust base metal, CCO Plate guarantees unrivaled wear resistance, superior impact protection, and versatile usability.

As an industry leader, we stock a full range of cut sheets and provide expert services in custom cutting, machining, and bending. Our comprehensive solutions ensure extended equipment lifespan, minimized maintenance costs, and heightened productivity, making us the ultimate choice for safeguarding industrial assets. Additionally, data sheets for our products are available on request, providing valuable technical information to assist our clients in making informed decisions.


Structural Wear Products specializes in abrasion resistant and high strength steel products as well as other carbon steel plate. Headquartered in Pitt Meadows, Canada our experienced and professional team has more than five decades of steel application experience. We have extensive knowledge in a wide variety of industries, including mining, oil and gas, on- and off-highway transport, mobile and offshore cranes, and ground-engaging applications and solutions. We supply abrasion-resistant wear plate and high strength steel under the Quard® and Quend® trade names.