Just like Quench and Tempered steels, not all Chromium Carbide Overlay plate is created equal. VFC (Volume Fraction Carbide) is extremely important when choosing an overlay plate product. Every overlay manufacturer has a unique wire chemistry for their plate. We looked at two large North American manufacturers and found that their standard overlay has a VFC of 20 to 30 per cent, even though their hardness shows a 56 to 63 Rockwell C. Our standard CCO (M7C3 carbides) shows an average VFC of 43 per cent. This higher volume fraction directly equates to an increased wear life in your overlay applications.

We currently stock the following thicknesses in 60” x 120” sheets:

1/8″ on 1/8″
1/4″ on 1/4″
3/8″ on 3/8″
1/2″ on 1/2″

VFC Analysis Image Showing Carbide Percentage[/caption]


Chemistry Percent (%) 
C 5.27
Mn 2.10
P 0.022
S 0.016
Si 0.50
Cr 26.1/30.0


Mechanical Properties:

 Hardness  58 to 62 Rockwell C
 Service Temperature  1000 degrees (F)


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