A local bucket fabricator has selected Abrasive Reistance 400 as its product of choice. The Abrasive Resistance 400 surface quality and finish means fewer man-hours preparing the bucket for fabrication. The quality primed finish means that the product does not damage any of their forming dies as well. All of this could have been done at Structural Wear Products’ own facility, however, the customer chose to do his work in-house.

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Structural Wear Products specializes in abrasion resistant and high strength steel products as well as other carbon steel plate. Headquartered in Pitt Meadows, Canada our experienced and professional team has more than five decades of steel application experience. We have extensive knowledge in a wide variety of industries, including mining, oil and gas, on- and off-highway transport, mobile and offshore cranes, and ground-engaging applications and solutions. We supply abrasion-resistant wear plate and high strength steel under the Abrasive Resistance and QT100/A514 trade names.